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Data Management

Data Management is a primary concern for organisations looking to recover value from their end of life assets. As such data security is at the core or our processes. 

Our Data Management begins before the devices arrive with us. Each batch of devices is allocated a unique batch number which follows the devices from the point of our collection from our client's site through to the end of the asset recovery process.   


Upon arrival they are held at our dedicated secure facilities. Devices are entered onto our system with a unique identification number prior to inspection and testing enabling the tracking of each item throughout our processes.

To ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of previous users is protected devices go through a rigorous process to wipe data from the device. Customer asset labelling is physically removed from the devices and any sim cards are removed and securely destroyed.

Clients are issued with data cleansing certification.

If you would like to find out more about our data management please call us on  0330 221 9488 or send us an email.

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